Attorney’s Corner Survey

In this new era of regulated canna-business those who have any association with cannabis have questions about the laws and how to best navigate these complex and ever changing rules and regulations. Now that Prop 64 and subsequent amendments have been passed into law, what should someone be looking for when deciding on legal counsel? What questions should they be asking of those attorneys who would represent them?

That usually means writing essay that you will need to make your composing short, yet educational.

We ask any licensed California attorneys who would like to introduce themselves and describe their cannabis related legal services to participate in this survey. Once completed your post will be time/date stamped and uploaded to our website where it will be listed in alphabetical order with the other responses we receive.

We will be running a general blog for all the posts in this section and an individual blog associated with your post so that others might reach out to you with their specific questions or comments. When anyone posts on your personal blog you will be immediately notified by email so you can respond. If at any time you wish to have your post edited or removed from our site, simply notify us and we will be happy to accommodate those requests.