Prop 64 and Me Survey

Prop 64 and me. Tell us your story.            

We ask that you complete this questionnaire which will describe your individual experiences as to how Prop 64 has affected you since its passing.  Once completed you agree to your name and story be included in our database to be used to amend, challenge and/or improve various elements of Prop 64.

Remember that this is a significant project for you and

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must be managed in an efficient manner.

If you would like to keep your responses short, you can do so by just filling in the SECTION ONE and SECTION SEVEN portions of the questionnaire. We’re looking for as many people as possible to contribute their Prop 64 stories to the site. It’s not even mandatory that you are a CA resident to do so. We value everyone’s participation on these stories.

Once you complete the form it will be time/date stamped and posted last name first alphabetically on our website. We will be running a general blog for all the posts and an individual blog associated with your post so that others might reach out to you with their specific comments or questions.  When someone comments on your personal blog you will be notified by email so you can respond should you wish to do so. If in the future you wish to have your post removed from our site or would like to edit it simply notify us and we will be happy to accommodate those requests.